Hilary Lewis Ruttley is a creative director, yoga teacher and barrister with special interest in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

She combines a background in law, anthropology, art history and the traditions of yoga and meditation in her work. This range has contributed in complementary ways to international development law, professional training and mentorship, creative director and curator roles, speaking and teaching yoga and meditation.

Hilary works internationally with a belief in beauty as a route to peacefulness, which she defines as crystalline clear thinking and expression. Gifted at guiding her yoga students to an inner experience of beauty, she opens new vistas onto the role of beauty in our thinking and actions to a wider audience through the arts, travel, speaking, training and mentoring.

She has worked on the handover from Hong Kong to China, expansion of the EU, historic and contemporary art and legal issues in Africa and Asia. Her current research focuses on the role of visual form in shaping yoga and meditation cultures in India.