Yoga for all ages, all bodies and all lifestyles


  • Anyone can practise yoga. It is enjoyable, accessible and relevant to modern life.
  • Its postures nurture strength, flexibility and a sense of well-being.
  • Its meditation practice cultivates focus, clarity and peace.
  • Calm Energy Yoga follows in this tradition.

CALM ENERGY YOGA invites you to

Regular, small group classes in Wimbledon Village, SW19 4PE

Or you may arrange individual and group teaching privately, on location or internationally.

Wimbledon Village

Regular, small group Beginner and Intermediate classes based on classical yoga postures with emphasis on balance and poise in body and mind. Click here for schedule and to book.

Private classes in your home or portable yoga at an appropriate location and time of your choice. Individual (including one guest at no extra charge) or your own group. Contact or call (00 44) 7919 861883.

Personal Yoga refers to classes I design to respond to your specific interests; they are often requested at key moments or simply as one of life's pleasures. They may be taken one-to-one or around a group of your choice. Location, dates and times are flexible. Examples include:

Wimbledon Village plus on location and internationally

Enhanced sport and fitness training: improve your performance and assist recuperation with correct alignment; strength and flexion balance; and tension release. Breathing techniques and stillness (visualisation and meditation) are used to increase concentration, reach beyond limitations and achieve your goals. Calm Energy Yoga has worked with amateurs and professionals of tennis, running including marathons, cycling, rowing, team football and provides a specialist field of Yoga for Golf click here.

Yoga and Business: management teams benefit as individuals and as a group from simple elements in the postural repertoire suited to an office environment combined with yogic techniques cultivating clarity of mind. Occasional or a course of sessions can be arranged. If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, a sports professional or in the arts explore the Leadership, Cultural Values and Staying Power (TM) Programme click here.


Stress relief and therapeutic: brings balance and freshness into your life. Support the healing process where there is injury.

Teenagers: radiant health, good looks, mental focus and steady nerves. Practice yoga to shine from within.

Parent and baby: pregnancy and post-natal classes and those with children in early infancy. Mothers and fathers are welcomed to the enjoyment of these stages through yoga.

Calm Energy Yoga: a lovely way to bring freedom of movement and relaxation. Come away feeling open and positive.

Yoga by Design is devoted to your own yoga practice. Particular needs or interests in yoga are often expressed in a general setting but which are better taught in classes designed to focus on those requirements. Common examples include:

  • Complete beginners who wish to begin with the fundamentals of yoga
  • Those who feel unready to participate in a general class for health reasons
  • Those who practice yoga regularly and wish to work on particular postures or other aspects

Whether you are a regular practitioner or have never done yoga before and want to find out more about it - please enquire about a tailor-made session or course of classes. These may be one-to-one or for groups; locations, dates and times flexible.

Speaking and Lecture Programme The experience of yoga in practice is enriched by insights into the historical and philosophical aspects of its long, varied and fascinating heritage up to the present day. Calm Energy Yoga: provides talks and discussion on the traditions of yoga and its wider cultures. To find out more, attend or include Hilary in your own event click here

Hilary is a fully qualified yoga teacher experienced in several different styles. She has an MA in Yoga and Meditation (SOAS London University) and is trained to Masters level in Yoga for Golf. She holds current certification in First Aid; specialist yoga insurance; is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals and a registered yoga teacher of Yoga Alliance.

For more about Hilary Lewis Ruttley click here  and more about Calm Energy Yoga click here


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