Arts Curating

Hilary specialises in art history, archaeology, indigenous and contemporary art in relation to Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

She works collaboratively with museums and private collections; exhibitions, art fairs and art scholarship programmes:

  • as advisor and co-curator on permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and inter-disciplinary productions
  • as an exhibition-related speaker and specialist tour guide
  • as a leader and team member on outreach visual arts programmes.

Hilary blends fresh, inspirational concept design with new thinking and enthusiasm around the visual arts. Artefacts of archaeological, historic and contemporary collections become avenues of discovery and insight.

Exhibitions, museums, private collections, architecture and the natural environment itself become 'spaces' and meeting points of exchange between scholars, artists and recipients, sharing myriad ways in which the world is seen and lived today.

Like an orchestral conductor or a theatrical director, the creative curator invites the voices, sounds, colours, forms and decorative styles of the visual arts to be in dialogue. Each one is unique and simultaneously part of shared lives and multiple conversations.

Hilary shares: "The task is to create a dance between the inanimate object, the de-racinated artefact, the silent drawing and the viewer in a new experience art: an experience akin to the fascination of looking through a prism of light:

  •  in one moment, as clear shafts of vision revealing new aspects,
  •  in another, as moving patterns inter-change and play not just as objects of the eye but stimulating our responses, thoughts and ideas".

"I wish to thank you for your time and insight(s) and found our discussions always incredibly stimulating".
Dr Paul Bayliss, ABSA Art & Museum Curator, Johannesburg, South Atrica