With a career living and working across many different cultures, in art and anthropology, international and legal negotiation, development and dispute resolution, as a trainer, researcher and speaker, Hilary specialises in consulting on:

  • luxury travel and art tours, group and individual
  • travel and expedition research
  • teaching assignments in yoga
  • inter-faith and international cultural relations through the arts

Hilary considers: The sharedness of humanity and its differences of culture, belief and ways of living have never been more relevant.

  • Personal travel inspired by other landscapes and societies is moving from perceptions of the 'exotic and dangerous' to journeys of leisure, friendship and environmental awareness;
  • Journeys of migration on the largest global scale ever known, far beyond old patterns of trade, are shaping new routes and settlements, building new lives and unprecedented communities".

"Hilary has a razor-sharp intellect & ability to communicate across a spectrum of intellectual & cultural divides. In her work with young people from very different ethnic & national backgrounds, she was able to identify the means by which they could be swiftly enabled to draw real benefit from the training programmes she designed and carried out for them. These were sponsored by bodies including the British Council, the Nuffield Foundation and under the auspices of the University of London."
Juliet Fussell, International Law Association