Speaking and Lecture Programme

Hilary is an experienced speaker on the philosophy and cultural history of yoga and selected aspects of the wider artistic world. Often focusing on the meeting of ancient and contemporary, she seeks out fresh vision and invites debate around new ideas.

Of interest to both general and specialist audiences, her lectures can be accompanied by film and include 'in-conversation' dialogues and discussions.

Specialist topics include:

Philosophy & Cultural History of Yoga

Yoga is a living tradition that has been in existence for over three millennia. Its history is a fascinating story of Indo-European culture as the central tenets of this philosophy are reworked according to political, religious and socio-economic change. This topic is a mosaic of literature, art, sound, body and the mind.

'The Yoga We Do Now'

Hilary invites you to consider recent research on the threads that shape current yoga practices; their myriad styles have become known as transnational modern yoga. How did we arrive at what we practice now and where are we going with it?

This presentation intersperses lecture, film and discussion. It is thought provoking and those who have attended it, often find it produces surprises and divergencies from some commonly held notions.


Cultures and Art of Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Forthcoming presentations include:

Sacred Scents and Aromatics

'Om' : Sound, voice, poetry and image

Jewels of the mind, the body adorned, trade and desire

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