Yoga for Golfers™

Hilary has a specialist US training in Yoga for Golfers™, accredited by Katherine Roberts, The Golf Channel and provides classes on a one-to-one or club basis, for those who have a serious interest in golf and want to improve their performance.

Yoga for Golfers is designed to help you maximize your mind-body performance on and off the course.

This total golf-conditioning system provides you with greater flexibility and strength to enhance your golf performance. Whether you are challenged by getting to the top of the backswing, developing more power at impact, or a balanced finish, Yoga for Golfers provides you with new tools, as well as pre-round, on-the-course, post-round, and daily practice sequences.

Experience what PGA professionals know...

"Yoga for Golfers is the best form of exercise I have ever done. No other workout compares. I recommend Yoga for Golfers for any golfer looking to improve his health, fitness level and golf swing. I encourage all my students to try the program."
Tim Yavello, PGAA Champion

"A lot of guys on the PGA Tour swear by yoga."
Tom Lehman

"Yoga for Golfers' has been the single-most important thing I have done for my golf game without actually holding on to a club. Since starting with the program, I have noticed significant improvements in my flexibility, rotation, balance and core strength. This has translated into a smoother more accurate swing and longer distance. I have also found that I am more focused and centred on the golf course which in turn has led to improved scoring. What's really gratifying is that my playing partners and my golf pro have all commented on the improvements as well…I whole heartily recommend the Yoga for Golf program as essential off course conditioning for anyone who is serious about improving their golf game and their overall well being."
Michael Schneider

Experience what Hilary's clients know…

"A wonderful new angle on how we can all improve our golf games".
Dean Jeeves, PGA Professional

"Very informative yoga session, really excellent advice. Hilary explains the poses very well and also talks about the importance of breathing and the mental side. Highly recommended!"
David Bown, PGA Professional

"Thank you for a fantastic morning Hilary. It was great to gain a better understanding of how the body, yoga, golf and the mind can work together. I felt well loosened and stretched before the lesson with Dean Jeeves and feel that my golf will improve significantly. The warm up exercises will come in very useful. Thank you!"
Lucie Robson, Founder of Off the Red Tees

"Hilary presented a fabulous Yoga for Golfers day which involved yoga warm up and practise followed by in depth understanding of how to use the body and mind to get the most from golf. We then had the opportunity to go on the golf course to improve our swing with a better understanding of posture and flexibility. Hilary has a great style of teaching and explains the specific yoga postures in relation to golf beautifully. Highly recommended!"
Susan Tomlinson, Real Coaching Solutions

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