Leadership, Cultural Values and Staying Power™ Programme

Do you want clear powerful thinkers and decision makers in your organisation?

Would you like innovative training resources to consistently inspire you and your team and significantly reduce stress?

Are you seeking to create and enjoy creative, emotional and financial health?

In a direct, practical response to client requests, Hilary has designed The Leadership Cultural Values and Staying Power Programme. This is for entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as professionals in sports and the arts, and provides innovative training and resources in "personal sustainability" including yoga and meditation.

Business school and leadership programmes conventionally focus on externalities (e.g. structuring, innovation etc.) overlooking the internal core. Whilst high achievers are good at coping - over time, the depleting effect of intense pressure impacts on their effectiveness as a leader. It comes at a high cost to personal health, relationships, mental clarity, enrichment and the overall productivity of the organisation.

Hilary is gifted at guiding her yoga students to their inner core for an experience of beauty, which she defines as crystal clear thinking and action, an immensely valuable tool for running a financially and emotionally healthy business. She works on creating a powerful settled mind, using the imagination, lateral and creative thinking, yoga and meditation.

Commissioning a programme

The Leadership Cultural Values and Staying Power Programme is unique to the individual or team and is created in co-operation with the client. It can be delivered as a single event or a series of sessions in both the UK and internationally.

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